letras de canciones pumpitup
Aprende de memoria las flechas para jugar

The Prex3




New Xenesis

Letras de canciones pump it up

*1st Dance Floor*

BanYa - Ignition Starts!
CLON - Come To Me
CLON - Funky Tonight
Drunken Tiger - I Want U
Novasonic - Another Truth

*2nd Dance Floor*

Click-B - Love
H.O.T. - I Yah!
H.O.T. - Fighting Spirits
Sechskies - Com' Back
Sechskies - Mobius Strip
S.E.S. - Love

*The 3rd O.B.G.*

BanYa - Pump Jump
Deux - We Are
Tashannie - Don't Bother Me

*O.B.G. Season Evolution*

Baek Ji Young - Sad Salsa
Dj.Doc - Run To You

*Perfect Collection*

BanYa - All I Want for Xmas
Nazca - Bonnacia
Taijiboys - I Know

*The Premiere*

Marc Anthony - I Need To Know

*The Rebirth/Premiere2*

BanYa - Emperor
BanYa - My Way
BanYa - Till The End of Time
Can - My Best Day is Gone
Park Jin Young - Swing Baby
UN - The Waves

*The Premiere3/Prex3*

Down Low - Lovething
Queen Latin - Conga
Thalia - It's my party


BanYa - Naissance2
BanYa - X-Treme
Crash - Dignity
Debbie Scott - Kiss Me
El Cuba - Fiesta
Los Niños del Sara - La Cubanita
P. Hernandez & B.Thomas - Born To Be Alive
ROD - Shake It Up
U;nee - GO
Victoria - Power of Dream
Victoria - Watch Out


Manresa - Le Code de Bonne Conduite
Shyne - Too Late
Som2 - Pray

*Exceed SE*

Crystal Method - Name of the Game
Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove
Elvis VS JXL - Little Less Conversation
Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man


BanYa - Beat Of The War 2
Cho PD - My Friend
Jang Yoon Jung - Oh My!
Lazybone - Do It Yourself
Louis - Chung Hwa Ban Jeom
Mina - Turn Around
Turtle - What's Goin On?

*New Xenesis*

Cho PD & B.E.G - Hold The Line
DJ Dookie - It's the Hybs
Dynamic Duo - Go Back
Epik High - Fly
Gyfted - We Goin' Fly
Hyun Jin Young - U Inside My Dim Memory
yahpp - Fire
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